Im A Mess , That dont rhyme with shit just true

Name : Kelsie | Date : April 29th, 2017 | Listening to : LES - Childish Gambino | Mood : Hype |
Hello , New Layout Again by the Amazing @KECIA Idk what ever to put in these boxe , i have a boring life , updates to come , & if you have any suggestions please comment in the c-box pls & thank u bish xoxox

Im Back by popular demand ,jk im tra$

Name : Kelsie | Date : March 29th, 2017 | Listening to : Fucking Young - Tyler the Creator| Mood : LITTY |
Hello Pudding Pops , its been a hot minute know what im saying , no? okay * throws myself off cliff* buut on a serious note Shout out to my brown sista @KECIA for hooking me up with this layout DO YOU PEEP the drakes? ISSA SNACK but foreal the last few months have been pretty crazy im my life , but i plan to update this site too , so stay tuned xoxoxox

All you want to do is the COCO , hanging out with you is no go

Name : Kelsie | Date : January 13th, 2017 | Listening to : Sweet Sweet - Travi$ $cott | Mood :LIT AF |
Hey Lovelies! Happy new Year ! , 13 days in & it's going Great & I hope it is for you guys also , Let talk about this fabulous FUCKING layout Seriously @Kecia I love you so much you are the best & There's Vday Content up so check that out ! idk what else to say so byeee

Eyes getting low but I'm still observing , I see you lurking

Name : Kelsie | Date : December 18th, 2016 | Listening to : Used to This - Future ft Drake Deddy | Mood :Ok |
WELCOME to Coastal ! Thuglifee is expiring this month & i thought it be time to make a new site Thanks to kecia for hosting me you are the bomb <3, sweetlava was fun , but i'ts time for a new start SO with that being said IM GOING to make new content SO it might take a while Fam So im just going to Make content in sections , Some of the content will be the same from Sweetlava like the Decos , Background Bases , Some Pattern Psds & etc ,Other then that new content Yall stay tuned <3 & if you wanna be affies or elites Just Message in the C-Box ! xoxox